vendredi 30 août 2013

More than 100 elk found dead in northeastern New Mexico

State biologists are trying to unravel a mystery of what killed a herd of elk in northeastern New Mexico. 

More than 100 elk found were dead on a ranch about 20 miles north of Las Vegas this week. 

Sky News 13 flew over the gruesome discovery on the sprawling 75,000-acre Buena Vista Ranch near Mora. 

The elk weren't shot, so the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is investigating just what caused the deaths. 

Their top suspicion: something called Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease, or EHD. The often-fatal disease is caused by insect bites. 

"With EHD, an elk could get a fever," said Game and Fish spokesperson Rachel Shockley. "It's usually a pretty fast illness, and up to eight to 36 hours later the animals go into shock, and then they die."