jeudi 29 août 2013

Brazil - Worst snowfall in 13 years

Snow in BrasilMaybe 15 years. Maybe 22 years. 

Snowfall of such intensity and duration in São José dos Absent is the highest in 13 years. 

Perhaps even longer. 

The Municipal Secretary of Tourism, Alziro Paim Rock, a resident of St. Joseph of the Missing for 20 years, thinks Wednesday's snow - which caused the suspension of classes in the municipal and state levels - surpassed that of 13 years ago. 

The dimension of the phenomenon on Wednesday was much larger than expected, said Rocha. I talked to the staff that makes the prediction in the city and this was the biggest snow in 15 years. 

Mary Rosineris, 22 years old, has never seen so much snow in the town. 

The streets, fields and houses were covered with about five inches of snow, said Ronaldo Coutinho Prado, of the agency ClimaTerra.

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